Special collections

QUT Digital Collections

Managed by QUT Library, QUT Digital Collections brings together digitised and born digital collections for dissemination to and reuse by the global community.

QUT ePrints

QUT ePrints is an institutional repository of eprints which showcases some of the research output of QUT staff and postgraduate students.

QUT Open Texts collection

The QUT Open Texts collection is a collection of open textbooks authored, edited and adapted by QUT staff.

These are textbooks that have been written by university staff in most disciplines globally and are published freely in digital form under a Creative Commons licence. They are free to use and distribute and are licensed to be freely adapted or changed with proper attribution.

QUT Open Access Journals

QUT publishes a range of open access, peer reviewed journals.

QUT Research Data Finder

QUT has developed a catalogue of research datasets, created or collected by QUT researchers (including Higher Degree Research students), called Research Data Finder. This collection contains closed, shared and open datasets. The Open Data Institute explains the difference between the three types of data in this short video (Vimeo, 2m51s).

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The David Whitworth Collection

The David Whitworth Collection was launched in 2012 to commemorate David's contribution to theatre production and lighting design. David Whitworth lectured in lighting design here at QUT from 1990 - 2001. He was an inspirational teacher and this collection was the result of a request by his former students.

QUT Authors Collection

A list of works by QUT authors, held by the library.

Candid online collection for community grantseekers, fundraisers and philanthropists

The Candid online collection for community grantseekers, fundraisers and philanthropists contains resources on grant seeking, fundraising and philanthropy.

QUT Theses

QUT Masters by Research and PhD students deposit a digital copy of their thesis with QUT Library for inclusion in QUT ePrints.

QUT Theses can be browsed or searched through a QUT Thesis Search on QUT ePrints. The theses can also be found via the National Library of Australia's Trove and OATD (Open Access Theses and Dissertations). See How to find theses for more options for finding theses from Australian and international universities.