The Course Materials Database (CMD) allows you to make copyright material available to your students online. Material you can put onto the CMD includes book chapters, journal articles, conference papers, legislation, cases, whole works, past exam papers, videos and music.

A unit specific link to resources on CMD is automatically included in unit pages on QUT Blackboard, under Learning Resources | Course Materials.

Things to note


Using the CMD for digitization of copyright materials ensures the University's compliance with legislation and contracts.

Please note:

It is University policy that if you want to make copyright readings available online for your students you MUST submit a request to the CMD. It is not acceptable to upload copyright readings directly to Blackboard.

  • Making material available online is subject to very strict limits and access conditions. For more details on copyright and CMD consult the Guidelines for Online Readings.
  • More information about the use of copyrighted material in teaching and learning is available in the QUT Copyright Guide. Direct further copyright queries to the University Copyright Officer at
  • Lecture notes that do not contain copyright material are not included in CMD and should be uploaded directly to your QUT Blackboard site.
  • If you wish to add any non-standard format items (that contain copyright materials) to the CMD, please contact the Library by email at We will look at these requests on a case-by-case basis, and assist in their loading where possible.

Processing requests - time lines

To ensure material will be available to students at the start of each semester, you should submit new and changed CMD content to the Library three weeks before the beginning of semester. Outside these busy times, the Library aims to process new requests within four days. You will be able to track the progress of requests via your personal dashboard in the CMD entry page.

Past exam papers

Past exam papers which have been released by lecturers and which have unit class sizes of 30 students or more are automatically added to the CMD as they are released to the Examinations Section. To request addition of an exam paper for a class size of less than 30 students complete a CMD request form. To request the deletion of an exam paper from the CMD send an email to CMD examination papers released via Examinations expire after 5 years. After this time new exam release will need to be made via Examinations.

Making material available on CMD

Adding new material

  1. Complete the online Create new request form, available on the CMD Main Menu. This menu is also accessible from your unit QUT Blackboard site under Learning Resources.
  2. Complete details for Lecturer Name and Unit Code.
  3. Once you have submitted the form, you will see the request appear in your dashboard on the main entry page. Details shown will include the Request ID (use this in any communications with the CMD team); Item description; Unit Code; Request Dates (could be multiple dates depending on how many times this item has been requested by you in the last 12 months) and Status (used for tracking new requests, and will update as your request is processed by the library).
Field Notes

Request for Self Y/N

It is possible to request material for ANY current QUT staff member

If Yes - your details will be populated

If No - you will be asked to enter other staff name which will be validated through Alesco HR system

*New staff may not yet have details in Alesco and will need to contact Faculty Admin. for assistance

Request Unit

Unit Code must be valid unit as recorded in the SAMS database system. The system will present a warning if it is unable to validate as a QUT Unit, and you will be asked to re-enter the correct details.

Exceptions to this are for the Continuing Professional Development, or Community (Short) Courses, which do have a QUT Blackboard site but are not standard Units in SAMS. Teaching staff have the option to enter the details for these courses separately.

Request Resource

Select from the dropdown menu.

  • Book Portion
  • Case
  • Conference Paper
  • Exam Paper
  • Journal Article
  • Legislation
  • Sound Recording
  • Unreported Judgement
  • Video
  • Whole Work

The next screen is where the details about the teaching period for which you are making the request, and the item being requested are entered.

Field Notes

Unit Details

Enter the teaching period for which you would like the materials to be available for the Unit selected.

This data will also be validated through SAMS and will only allow entry of requests up to the end of the current data within the system.

You can request start and end dates which will allow staggering of material for your unit for any time within a valid teaching period- depending upon Copyright constraints.

Bibliographic details

Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk. The more details provided, the quicker we can process the request.

  • enter author as surname/family name first and then name or initials e.g. Smith, John
  • for journal articles if you don't have the details for fields marked as mandatory, put N/A in the field
Notes to Library This field can be used for sending a message to the Library about the request. The note will not display to users of the CMD.
Notes to students This field is used for providing a message to students e.g.. Essential reading for the mid semester exam. This field will display in the CMD and has a limit of 200 characters.


Reactivating existing material

When a document is already on CMD, you can simply reactivate when it is needed again. You can reactivate documents attached to any unit, not just your own units.

  1. From the CMD Main menu, select Reactivate Items - the system generates a complete list of items which you have recently (in the last 12 months) requested and which are therefore able to be reactivated.
  2. You can also search the system for other items which have been requested by another lecturer or for a specific unit code.
  3. Select the check boxes on the right for any or all of the items you wish to reactivate (or change details as outlined below) and click Continue.
  4. You are able to make changes to existing requests in four fields- Unit Code; Lecturer Name; Notes to Library and Notes to Students.
  5. Select the applicable teaching period, and request dates and complete the remainder of the form.
  6. Confirm the request for reactivation.
    • If there is no copyright impediment, your reactivation will be processed immediately and you will see the item appear in your dashboard on your main page with a status of Complete. No further action is needed and the document will become available to students immediately or at the time you nominated.
    • Where there is a potential copyright conflict with another reading in the CMD database, you will still see the item in your dashboard but the status will show as Pending. This request has been sent to CMD staff who will investigate and will contact you if necessary." No further action is necessary. The CMD staff will activate the request if possible or contact you if this cannot be done immediately.
  • Readings reactivated for the semester will not be available until the first day of week 1
  • Readings reactivated for future dates will not be available until the start date you have chosen

Linking to CMD resources from elsewhere

A link to current unit resources on CMD is automatically included in unit pages on QUT Blackboard, under Learning Resources | Course Materials.

It is also possible to include manual links to CMD readings on Blackboard or other University web pages. From the list of CMD readings for the unit, right-click an item link and copy the URL (Copy Shortcut in Internet Explorer / Copy Link Location in Firefox).

The links must have the following formats:

  • Standard link
  • Where an accessible text only version exists it can be linked to using