Researchers are required to manage their research data and primary materials throughout the research lifecycle by addressing issues of retention, storage and recordkeeping, ownership, security, confidentiality and re-use.

Planning for the management of research data early in a research project can improve research efficiency, guard against data loss, enhance data security and ensure research data integrity and replication.

For a light-hearted read on the management of scientific data, please see Ten Simple Rules for the Care and Feeding of Scientific Data.

Data management planning

The following resources are available to assist in planning and implementing research data management:

Data storage

A number of QUT facilitated and discipline-specific services or repositories exist to store research data. You can view an extended list of storage options under Data storage and sharing on the Research tools web page.

Open data

At the conclusion of a research project, it is recommended that all data and accompanying documentation (e.g. data management plans) be registered in a data registry, such as QUT's Research Data Finder and Software Finder. Records from these registries are visible in Research Data Australia, the Australian National Data Services (ANDS) national data discovery portal.

QUT Research Data Finder

QUT Research Data Finder is a collection or registry of openly available research datasets produced by QUT researchers and Higher Degree Research (HDR) students.

QUT Software Finder

QUT Software Finder is a searchable registry of code and software which have been created as a result of QUT research activities.

External Research Dataset Service

The library's External Research Dataset Service facilitates access to confidential and secure datasets for QUT staff and eligible research students, including PhD, Masters by Research, and Honours students. These datasets are accessible at no cost to researchers.

Many freely available research datasets exist that may also be of interest.

To access these datasets or request additional datasets, please contact the QUT Data Manager.