EndNote is software designed for researchers to create a personal database of references found when searching literature for information. EndNote also assists in inserting and formatting references into documents when writing journal articles and theses.

Please note:

QUT has a site licence for EndNote, which permits current staff and students of the university to use the software both at work and at home. The software cannot be made available to family, or colleagues of QUT staff and students. You cannot run two versions of the software (e.g. Versions 7 & X4) on the same computer. Staff and students may not use EndNote software obtained through QUT after leaving the university.

QUT Library supports EndNote X7.1 (version 17), which is installed in all centrally managed computing labs. If you have administrator rights to your computer, you will be able to upgrade toe Endote X7.2, which now gives users the ability to share their library with up to 14 users (as long as they also have Endnote X7).

  • Are there copyright issues with sharing my library?
    In addition to including hypertext links to the source material in your library you copy portions of text into your references and attach full text documents to your references. This is allowed under copyright law because it is a ‘fair dealing’ for the purpose of study or research. See Research or study fair dealing in the QUT Copyright Guide. Even so, the amount that you can use is generally limited to a ‘reasonable portion’. The situation changes if you share your library with others. It may be a breach of copyright or database licence terms to share anything more that the bibliographic details of the third part copyright materials. If sharing- share a version that does not include attachments.

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Installing to a QUT computer

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