QUT Library welcomes members of the community to its libraries. QUT Library offers a wide variety of freely available facilities and services.

Access to Library Services and Resources
QUT Library is open to all members of the public and membership is not needed to use services and resources in the library. QUT Library cannot provide access to the wider internet and so you will not be able to log into your personal email account or link to sites outside the university's network. However, all visitors are able to use a selection of databases.
Studywell is an online suite of learning tools, templates and activities for students to increase study effectiveness, and support academic performance and achievement. All Studywell resources are available for use under a Creative Commons (Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike) license.
QUT cite|write
QUT cite|write is your guide to citing, referencing and writing academically at QUT. QUT cite provides specific citing and referencing examples and QUT write provides eight specific writing guides.
QUT Library Subject Guides
QUT Library Subject Guides suggest books, databases and other useful resources to help you get started finding information on your topic.
QUT ePrints
QUT ePrints is a web-accessible repository of research outputs created by QUT staff and postgraduate students. Whenever possible, the outputs deposited in QUT ePrints by their creators can be downloaded or viewed online, free of charge.
QUT Library Catalogue
QUT Library Catalogue can be searched to find books on a topic.
Library Helpdesks
Staff on Library Helpdesks at each branch library are able to assist with finding, evaluating and using information sources, improving academic skills, and answering borrowing enquiries and questions about library services.
QUT Community Collection for grant seekers, fundraisers and philanthropists
As a Cooperating Collection of the Foundation Center, QUT Library provides public access to grantmaker directories, books on fundraising and nonprofit management, and the Foundation Center's electronic databases.
Database Access
A limited number of library databases may be accessed by the general public from within QUT Library buildings.
Library Tours and Visits
QUT Library welcomes visitors including school and community groups. QUT Library is also very interested in conducting sessions for high school students to assist them in acquiring library skills and in locating resources to aid them in their studies. School visits can be arranged by enquiring online. It is important to contact the library well in advance of your visit as the library is a popular and busy campus location and coordination is of activities is necessary to avoid congestion.